MYPIC Personalized Debit Cards

MYPIC Personalized Debit Cards

Whatever means the most to you…Make it your favorite card in your wallet!

You can put one of your own photos or other image right on your debit card-you may choose a favorite photo of your kids, family or pets, vacation fun, child’s artwork or choose from our gallery of images!

Simply upload an image of your choice directly from your computer or choose from a variety of gallery images available on our site. Once uploaded, your image is displayed within a template, so you can see how the image will appear when your card is produced. Then, your image can be adjusted, flipped, and rotated until you are happy with your personal design. You can upoad multiple images to compare before you determine which design you like best! You can pick from a 1×1 inch photo, 2×2 inch photo or an edge-to-edge design covering your entire debit card.

• You must be a current Hyden Citizens Bank account holder and have a current debit card.
• Review the Terms and Conditions for the myPic Personalized Debit Card program. Click here
• Read the Guidelines for Submitted Images. Click here
• Locate a picture you would like to use.

Fee for your personalized debit card is $20 per card.

The better the image, the better your personalized debit card will look. Use only a high-quality image that is at least 840×840 pixels large, but no larger than 10MB. Larger images will take longer to load. The time it takes to upload a photo depends on your internet connection. Accepted file types are JPEG (.jpg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (.bmp) or TIFFs.

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