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Keeping your account safe and secure is our highest priority.  In an effort to continue to protect your debit card, we are adding another layer of security for transactions that may be considered High Risk by our card processing company, SHAZAM.  This new feature is called VISA Secure and will begin in July 2023. VISA Secure is an authentication step that online transactions may go through, where you will be asked to identify yourself by receiving a One-Time Passcode (OTP) by text message. Please be sure that we have your correct cell phone number on file to ensure that you receive your One-Time Passcode to process your purchase.  

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Whatever means the most to you can be displayed on your personalized Hyden Citizens Bank Debit Card, making it the favorite card in your wallet! You can put one of your own images or other images on your Debit card–you may choose a favorite photo of your kids, family or pets, vacation fun, child’s artwork or choose from a gallery of images. Start designing today!

Fee for your personalized debit card is $20 per card.
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Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are digital wallets that allow you to pay for purchases using your phone, smart watch, tablet and computer within an app on your device.  Load your debit card into the wallet app on your phone then simply place your phone over or near the terminal/reader at your favorite business and you can pay instantly.  This is a secure way to use your Debit Card.  Your card number is not stored on your phone/device and, with each transaction, a unique code is used instead of your debit card number to protect your information. It is a quick, easy, safe way to use your Debit Card without actually getting your card out of your wallet!  Click here for more information.

Look for these symbols at stores that accept digital wallet payments.



To report a lost or stolen Debit Card, contact the bank during normal business hours at (606) 672-2344 or contact Shazam at (800) 383-8000.


Download the BRELLA Debit Card app today-it is a great tool to help you manage your debit card! It allows you to set up fraud transaction alerting, monitor your account balance, place a temporary block on your card, locate the nearest ATM and send money person-to-person (p2p) from your smartphone!


SHAZAM EASY PIN (1-855-327-9746)

Want to change your PIN?  Please call the bank during regular business hours to request a reference number to change your PIN number.  Then call the toll-free number (855-327-9746) and use the voice response system to create the PIN of your choice using the reference number. You will need to have your debit card during the phone call.  Easy PIN is available to use anytime, day or night, weekdays and the weekend.



The Shazam privileged status network provides you with surcharge free transactions at any ATM bearing their logo. There are over 3,000 locations nationwide in over 20 states that participate! You can search locations by clicking here.  Privileged Status



If you receive a call, email or text from Shazam asking about your debit card activity, this may be because there has been a recent transaction(s) or activity on your account that appears to be fradulent and/or suspicious. They are wanting to verify that you are using the card and it has not been stolen. (NOTE: phone calls will be a live person, not a recording) Or, if you experience trouble using your card (such as a denied transaction(s) when you know your balance was more than the transaction total), your card may have a temporary block in place due to suspicious activity identified by the Falcon Fraud program. To inquire, call Shazam at (866) 508-2693 or contact us during normal banking hours at (606) 672-2344.


Hyden Citizens Bank Debit Card featuring EMV Chip Card technology. Chip Cards are more secure and help prevent fraud. Chip-enabled merchant terminals look almost identical to terminals used for swiping a debit card transaction. In addition to the magnetic strip reader, chip card terminals have a slot on the front where you insert and leave your card while your transaction processes. If the merchant has a standard terminal accepting only swipe transactions, your debit card will still work with that method.

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