Corporate officers and Board Members

Corporate officers and Board Members

Board of Directors

R.B. Campbell Jr., Chairman of the Board
W.Fred Brashear II, President & CEO
Hiram Cornett
David Lonenecker
Leonard H. Brashear
Cheryl Lewis
Billie Wade
Mike Wilson


Corporate Officers

Fred Brashear, President & Chief Executive Officer
Shawn Garrison, Executive Vice President
Tonya Callahan, Vice President, Chief Loan Officer
Lorene Sizemore, Vice President, Administrative Asst./Certificate of Deposits
Ralph B. Asher, Asst. Vice President, Commercial Lender
Frank Baker, Asst. Vice President, IT Officer
Amber Barger, Asst. Vice President, Operations Officer
Ray Brewer, Asst. Vice President, Security Officer
Tina Caldwell, Asst. Vice President, Bank Secrecy Officer, Asst. Operations Officer
Lori Kemper, Asst. Vice President, Consumer Loan Officer
Sue Slusher, Asst. Vice President, Head Bookkeeper

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