Returned Item

Important Information on Overdrafts and Returned Items

If an item drafted by you (such as a check) or a transaction you set up (such as a preauthorized transfer/ACH) is presented for payment in an amount that is more than the amount of money in your account, and we decide NOT to pay the item or transaction, you will be charged a Return Item fee for returning the item/transaction.

Be aware that a returned item or returned transaction may be presented multiple times and that Hyden Citizens Bank does not monitor or control the number of times an item or transaction is presented for payment.  When opening your account, you agreed that we may charge you an NSF fee/Return Item fee each time a payment is presented if the amount of money in your account is not sufficient to cover the payment, regardless of the number of times the payment is presented.  This means that a single item drawn on your account may incur more than one NSF/Return Item fee if it is re-presented and continues to create or increase an overdraft. 

To closely monitor your account balance, we suggest you consider the following FREE services offered by Hyden Citizens Bank:

  • Online Banking –  sign up at
  • HCBank&Go  –  Mobile banking app
  • Brella – Mobile app for Debit Cards with balance alerts available
  • Text Banking – addition to online banking service with balance inquiry
  • ABBI Telephone Banking – Balance and transaction inquiry


**Contact a Customer Service Representative at 606-672-2344 for more information.

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